What/When Is Overseeding?

Course overseeding takes place in the southwestern United States during a time when the extreme temperatures tend to cool, which is usually during the month of September here in the Vegas/Mesquite area.  Overseeding is necessary to have ideal turf conditions during the non-growing winter season.  The Oasis is overseeded typically with a mix of rye, bluegrass, poa annua grasses for the winter.  Bermuda is the base grass that is dormant during the winter and plush green during the late spring and summer months.

2019 Overseed Schedule

  • Canyons: Closed September 2nd-30th, Re-opens on October 1st, "Cart Path Only" TBA
  • Palmer:  Closed September 15th-October 10th, Re-opens on October 11th, "Cart Path Only" TBA

*Overseed prep will begin approximately 10-14 days before courses closes. This includes drying out the tees, fairways, and greens.*

*Cart Path Only depends on weather and can be anywhere from 3-7 days after re-opening course.  There are no exceptions when course is "cart path only".